The price of a mile

Two years ago (April 2018), my son wrote this short story for a school contest. Last Sunday we went together to the movies, and watch the movie 1917. I couldn’t stop thinking about my son’s story, so I would like to share it here.

Please take into account that we are not native English speakers (Spanish is our mother tongue).


The Price of a mile

In 1914, over 100 years ago, World War I began. As tension began rising between the Allied powers and the central forces, war breaks out.

In between both of the frontlines, a stalemate is created, neither of the sides can advance further into enemy territory. To solve this, in 1917, July, the British began pushing towards northern Belgium, in an attempt to cut enemy supply lines and break the stalemate.

This attempt would take place at the town of Passchendaele.

They thought this war would end all wars, yet in ended nothing. What follows is frontline combat.

They were not expected to survive.  Sigue leyendo